The Mission Pharmacal RxPORT™

Lithostat prescriptions are filled exclusively through the Mission Pharmacal RxPORT™

  • Provides direct delivery of Lithostat to the patient’s home
  • Allows physicians to initiate a patient’s prescription via e-prescribing, fax or phone

The RxPORT™ is a comprehensive, turn-key prescribing and delivery solution:

  • Program administrators contact patients directly regarding insurance and delivery information and follow-up
  • Administrators process claims with insurance company
  • A simple process for patients and healthcare professionals
  • Allows physicians to authorize refills on the original enrollment form


It only takes 3 steps!

Once the prescription is written and the patient enrollment form is completed, your office submits the patient’s information to the RxPORTTM for processing.

  1. RxPORTTM contacts the patient’s insurance company to determine co-pay and any limitations on prescribing. If patients do not have insurance, options will be discussed with them.
  2. RxPORTTM contacts your patient to confirm insurance, collect co-pay, and arrange shipping. At the same time, the program processes claims with the insurance provider.
  3. RxPORTTM ships Lithostat (acetohydroxamic acid) directly to the patient’s home and sends your office shipment confirmation.


4 ways the Mission Pharmacal RxPORTTM supports you and your patients:

Prescription SupPORT: Representatives provide assistance with verification of benefits, and prior authorizations.

Rapid Service SupPORT: With this program, your patients’ prescriptions will be delivered right to their homes, which eliminates trips to the pharmacy and your office will be notified as soon as the prescriptions are sent. Patients may also choose to enroll with the “automatic ship” option, in which refills will automatically be sent on a monthly basis.

Educational SupPORT: Your patients can speak with our pharmacists to receive basic information about their therapy, and will be directed to the Lithostat website to gain an even deeper understanding of their condition and treatment options.

Claims SupPORT: Counselors work side by side with your staff to help make insurance verification and approvals faster and easier.